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Bikini Girls From The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Dieses ungewöhnliche Vorkommen von M.I.T.-Weiblichkeit (was macht der Typ ganz rechts da auf dem Bild?), für das keine weiteren Gründe angegeben werden, könnte etwas mit dem Kanonen-Hack zu tun haben:

April 6, 2006: A 130 year-old, 1.7 ton cannon was moved from Caltech to MIT via a fake moving company “Howe & Ser Moving Co.” This marked the 20th anniversary when 11 students from Harvey Mudd College removed the cannon from the front of the Fleming House. The cannon was situated in a prominent place on campus and was adorned with a unique Brass Rat. It was symbolically pointed at its previous owner, Caltech. Thirty members of Fleming House traveled to MIT and reclaimed their cannon on April 10, 2006. They left a toy cannon with the note, “Here’s something more your size.”

(Aus dem Wikipedia-Artikel “Hacks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology”)

(Gefunden bei damncoolpics)


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